In Processing Scanning

In-Process Scanning

Capturing Shape & Securing Quality


Tactile measuring and optical scanning

Our systems for process-integrated measuring and scanning optimize accuracy and quality. We offer solutions making use of:

  • touch trigger probes for pointwise measuring
  • optical laser line sensors for area scanning


Integration into NC environment

We attach spcial importance to the perfect integration of measuring technology into the machine and control environment. BCT solutions run on PCs and can be connected to common NC controls.


Measuring before/during/after NC machining
  • Measuring performed before NC machining detects inaccurate clamping positions and deviations in the shape of individual workpieces – for example, for workpiece alignment or the subsequent adaptive machining.
  • Measuring performed during NC machining prevents manufacturing errors. Deviations can be identified early on and corrective action taken to prevent the production of scrap.
  • Measuring performed during NC machining makes it possible to quickly inspect the workpieces on the NC machine. A convenient software package compares target and actual values and performs extensive analyses.


Applications development

In addition to our standard solutions, we can develop software solutions custom-tailored to your special requirements

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