Composite Post-machining

Composite Post-machining

Adaptive Systems from BCT


The "big three" CFRP topics:
automation, throughput times, costs


During all phases of CFRP manufacturing and repair, deviations of CFRP components from nominal shape play a decisive role.
The BCT systems for adaptive machining compensate for both individual deviations from nominal shape and inaccurate clamping positions.
This makes it possible for the first time to automate geometrically critical NC processes. Moreover, it leads to substantial reductions in costs and throughput times.

BCT's Expertise

BCT GmbH is a system supplier specialized in the automated machining of individually shaped workpieces.

Our core competencies are:

  • the integration of 3D scanning technology into NC processes
  • geometricaly adaptive machining
  • automation of NC processes and process chains


BCT’s software solution “OpenARMS-Post ” (Post-Machining) focuses on the integration of efficiency-boosting automation solutions for manufacturing and reworking.


CFRP Post-machining

Geometrical deviations create problems during many steps in CFRP manufacturing and reworking. The automation of conventional NC processes runs into limits here. These tasks can be accomplished with geometrically adaptive machining.

In comparison with the relatively easy assembly of machined metal components, the assembly of composite components is more challenging. This is due to the composite components’ anisotropic behaviour and their large shape and geometrical variability. As the use and size of CFRP components have increased, dimensional tolerances have also tightened dramatically, making adaptive machining more crucial than ever before.
A typical adaptive post-machining operation is sacrificial machining. Another OpenARMS-PostM application is the machining of mating surfaces to minimize shimming operations.


BCT's Experience

BCT is at home in the energy and aeronautical industry. Our systems are used successfully worldwide for the adaptive manufacturing and automatic repair of engine and turbine components. We are accustomed to meeting high standards of reliability and precision.


BCT - Your Expert Partner

Are you looking for a reliable specialist in measuring, scanning, adaptive machining and system integration? Are you interested in turnkey systems, require customer-tailored application software, and appreciate professional support for engineering and consulting?

If this is the case, you should turn to BCT!



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